About us

Sweden’s Environmental Protection Agency, Naturvårdsverket, estimates that approximately 80% of greenhouse gas emissions are a result of household consumption. Medveten Konsumtion (Conscious Consumption) is a non-profit association, based in Stockholm operating throughout Sweden, aiming to raise awareness about the impact of consumption on the environment and those who work in the industries. As our Secretary General, Alexandra Davidsson,  puts it:

“Medveten Konsumtion aims to inspire and help people make more sustainable decisions when consuming.”

By undertaking projects which are very centric to human behaviour, including shopping, celebration etc, we aim to drive such awareness.We are doing this in a unique manner and in order to make it easy for people to actually participate in a sharing or a circular economy, we organize different campaigns and events. 

Many consumers want to make sustainable decisions, but don’t know how. We have the answers to that! But at the same time we also see that Earth’s Overshoot Day just continues to move nearer by the year. Over consumption is problematic and it’s real. Medveten Konsumtion raises awareness across the entire spectrum of consumption – food, travel, living to investments. For some handy and practical tips, one could check out our Advice & Tips here

Photo: Daniel Söderberg, www.greenpix.se

We are four people working at the office: Alexandra Davidsson (right in picture), Secretary General, Amanda Bengtsson (left in picture), Project Manager for Ekoguiden and Campaign Coordinator, Björn Jensen, Volunteer Coordinator, and our intern Cajsa Pettersson.

Our board consists of 11 enthusiasts, and we have about 60 awesome volunteers who all work for the same goal: a sustainable future.

Workshops to spread awareness

We use workshops as a way to spread awareness. These workshops are conducted across schools, workplace and the like. In these workshops we give direct and easy-to-adopt advices on how one can consume more sustainably across different areas (including workplaces) related to private consumption. We are there to give you tools and inspiration, not a bad conscience. Rather than saying that this is bad, we instead choose to say “This is a good choice”. We also give a status report and explain why these issues are important, and we tailor each lecture to every client’s needs. Sounds interesting? Book us now! 

On March 23, 2017, Conscious Consumption commented on the government’s report on Circular Economics and gave tips on sustainable consumption in TV4 morning show “Nyhetsmorgon”.


Parts of the text is borrowed from an interview made by One Planet Rating.