Your will can make a difference!

By bequeathing to Medveten Konsumtion, you provide invaluable support to our work for a sustainable world. To write a will is to express one’s wish for the future. Your will makes a big difference in a long-term perspective. When you choose to include Medveten Konsumtion in your will, it is important to state our organization number 802440-6186.

Your heirs have a legal right to half of your estate. The rest is up to you. It is common to assume that you can donate to organizations in your will only if you have no heirs or possess exceptional wealth, but that is not the case. Medveten Konsumtion is grateful for all kinds of contributions. If you want your resources to go to a specific purpose, you must state this in your will. Unless otherwise stated, Medveten Konsumtion will use the contributions where it is needed most. If you need assistance in designing your will, you are welcome to download our templates, which are available further down the page.

How is a valid will drawn up?

There are two requirements for a will to be considered drawn up:

  1. The will must be drawn up in writing.
  2. Two witnesses must be present during the procedure.

The witnesses must be present at the same time and they must sign with their names. They should know that it is a will they sign but they do not need to know what is in the will. It would also be useful if the witnesses, in addition to their signatures, record the date and place. This is to have a better evidentiary position if someone were to claim that the will is invalid. However, it is not a requirement but only a way to facilitate a possible examination of evidence in the future. (Chapter 10, Section 2 of Swedish Inheritance Code).

Who can be a witness?

To be a witness, you must be over 15 years old and you must not suffer from any mental disorder that would limit your insights into the meaning of being a witness. However, there are certain cases when a person can not witness a will even if the above-mentioned requirements are met (Chapter 10, Section 4 of Swedish Inheritance Code). For example:

  • Spouse or cohabitant of the testator.
  • A relative of the testator in a straight ascending or descending line, i.e. the testator’s mother / father, grandparents, children / grandchildren, etc.
  • A person who is married to the testator’s relative in a straight ascending or descending line.
  • Siblings to the testator.
  • Someone who appears in the will, i.e. if the testator has bequeathed something to a person, that person may not be a witness.
  • Spouse, a sibling or a relative in a straight ascending or descending line that appears in the will.
  • Spouse, a sibling or a relative in the ascending line who is married to someone who appears in the will.

The Inheritance Code is the legislation that regulates inheritance and wills in Sweden.


To help you who want to write a will, we have developed templates that you can print and use. If you do not have the opportunity to print it yourself, or need a template in English you can order the templates from us free of charge. 

Template to bequeath all your possessions to Medveten Konsumtion.

Template to bequeath a part of your property (specific possessions) to Medveten Konsumtion.


Give Sweden

Medveten Konsumtion is a member of Giva Sweden. Giva Sverige is an industry association that works for secure contributions. Giva Sverige works with quality assurance, education and competence development as well as interest policy with a focus on ethical, transparent and professional governance of non-profit organizations. Detailed information about writing a will is available on their website.



If you want more information about bequeathing to Medveten Konsumtion, you are welcome to contact us. We will gladly answer your question but unfortunately, we are not able to offer legal assistance.

Updated 2021