We welcome new volunteers at Responsible Consumption! Our aim is to create more responsible consumers in the transition to a smarter world. Our vision is a world of circulents. Where the circulents’ demand dictates the supply and where it is a natural lifestyle to be a circulent. As a circulent you take responsibility for a sustainable development through a responsible lifestyle. You consider yourself a user, not an owner. That way more people can lead better lives off of the planet’s resources. We want to contribute with inspiration and education through simple advice and tips, so that you as a consumer at your workplace, at your company or in your everyday life can make more sustainable and responsible choices. We work without pointing fingers and aim for reflection, not perfection.

You can involved just as much or little as you want. With us you can get involved as a volunteer through targeted action or longer assignments, depending on your own preferences. Through us you can get involved at a local level for global issues and contribute to a more sustainable future through an internship, different projects or the Eco Guide. If you are interested in volunteering with us you are welcome to contact us.

Volunteer education

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or an intern with us at Responsible Consumption you are more than welcome to at first take our introductory course. It is a short and simple introduction to our work, how we work and you can get involved. The course is free and you will not commit to anything. You sign up with your e-mail and you will receive the different parts by e-mail. You can look through the material when it suits you. Here you can find the form to sign up (in Swedish)!


Ana-Marija Spajic
Commitment and fundraising manager
073-430 54 00