The Eco Guide

The interest towards ecological and environmentally smart products is increasing in Sweden. The Eco Guide is your guide to eco, fair and circular. It is meant for you, who already is or wants to be a circulent. For you who would rather visit cafés with fairly produced coffee and ecologic buns. The guide not only reviews the operations but also examines them and their profile. Our vision is that the Eco Guide will be a living map over Sweden’s most dedicated sustainable operations with a conscious assortment of goods and services. The Eco Guide will only be available in Swedish, you can take a look at it here.

The Eco Guide – Your guide to eco, fair and circular

The guide is non-profit and is driven by individual reviewers. They map out and review different spots, which they then add to the guide. We want the Eco Guide to be a contribution to a cultural development where sustainable lifestyles, norms and changes in behavior are made easier and more accessible. It is also a concrete way to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals. More specifically goal 12 – “sustainable consumption and production”.

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The Association for Responsible Consumption is the national coordinator for the Eco Guide. If you have any questions about The Eco Guide you are welcome to contact us at