The Climate Movement’s Checklist

The Climate Movement’s Checklist

Responsible Consumption is one of 20 organizations who have signed the checklist for the action plan for climate policies below.

Seven out of eight parliamentary parties have adopted the goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions in Sweden by latest 2045. These emissions should decrease by at least 85 percent in comparison to the emission levels 1990. The remaining 15 percent may be achieved through so-called accompanying measures. After 2045, we need to achieve negative emissions. This goal aims high, however it will still not be enough for Sweden to fulfill its share of the Paris Agreement, which states that rich countries should lead the way. Notable researchers indicate that Sweden, as a rich country with large possibilities to actually transition, must already achieve net zero emissions by 2030. At the same time, the current goal is in danger if the pace of the transition is not increased.

Swedish Climate Goals make a difference. In part since we, per capita, still have high emissions and in part because we have a historical responsibility for the emissions we have caused up until now. Moreover, we have everything to gain from acting as a leading country. By developing and testing the solutions that the rest of the world needs for their transitions, we can contribute to decreased emissions in other countries. If we for instance give long-term support to our industries to transition to emission- free production, we prove that we are prepared to take a leading position even though there is a price to pay. At the same time, this will lead to increased innovation, jobs and export opportunities in the future. A national transition is therefore a competitive advantage in the long term. 

  1. A plan for all the goals to be attainable.
    • All sectors must contribute to reach the goals.
    • Do more of what is effective.
    • The principle that the emitter must pay should apply to all sectors.
    • Behavioural changes are necessary.
  2. A plan to make the goals more ambitious over time.
  3. A plan for Sweden’s total emissions.
  4. A plan for the entire economy, not just climate policies.
  5. A plan for continued action within the EU and internationally.


Read the Climate Movement’s Checklist (in Swedish).