Our speakers

Here you can read about our experienced experts and lecturers in sustainable consumption, circular economy and other subjects. They all offer knowledge, good technique and inspiration. That is why you should book one of them today. You are welcome to contact us to book one of our lecturers in sustainable consumption to your event or place of work.

Alexandra-Davidsson Medveten Konsumtion

Photo: www.greenpix.se Daniel Söderberg

Our General Secretary Alexandra Davidsson

Alexandra is one of Sweden’s 101 most influential people within the sustainability movement. She has also been appointed as one of Sweden’s future female leaders two years in a row. Since her start at the association Alexandra has visited the Swedish morning news show ”Nyhetsmorgon” many times and has held almost 1000 lectures. See Alexandra in Nyhetsmorgon and Aftonbladet TV. She is described as a charismatic, touching and knowledgeable lecturer in sustainable consumption. (Links in Swedish).

Our Chairman Klimatportföljen Tony Christensen

Tony was appointed top 2 Environment Influencer of the year in 2019, after Greta Thunberg and before Pella Thiel. See Tony in Nyhetsmorgon. Tony is an experienced lecturer in sustainable consumption and is described as an engaging expert. (Links in Swedish).

Louise Thoren Ekoguiden
Our National Coordinator for the Eco Guide Louise Thorén

Louise has been with the association since 2016 and is an environmental scientist. She often arranges eco hikes and is one of our most active volunteers. Louise is passionate about the environment and fighting climate change. She is described as dedicated, calm and pedagogic.