Our projects

We create responsible consumers in the transition to a smarter world. These lectures and courses are complemented with information on our website. We also do projects and campaigns during a limited time, and events. It is important for us to create opinion, engagement and spreading knowledge. We want to inspire to alternative perspectives on consumption of new things. Take a look at our projects for creating responsible consumers.

Cirkular Måndag Circular Monday

We have helped create and drive the global movement Circular Monday (was White Monday). The campaign hashtag has reached 74 million exposures.





Återvinningsfesten and Hela Sverige Cirkulerar

Since 2015 we have arranged the largest outside flea market in Northern Europe, Återvinningsfesten in Hornstull. During the pandemic Återvinningsfesten became the digital campaign Hela Sverige Cirkulerar.

We have been spokespeople for En Köpfri Dag (A Purchase-free day), launched a clothes library and arranged Swedens largest clothes swap. In the beginning the association held a christmas present tour on the town. We have also held the exhibitions Uppvunnet and Re:create.

As an alternative to the brand and consumption frenzy in our society we chose to do something different. On the largest flea market in Northern Europe, Återvinningsfesten (in Swedish) in Hornstull 2019 we launched a thrifted t-shirt with quite the price. A brand t-shirt to be proud of, really. The only difference between this shirt and those you would usually find at a thrift store is a logo that says “3000 SEK”.

– We see how “exclusive” brands put their logo on quite ordinary clothes and sell them for outrageous prices. So we thought it would be interesting to do the same but with a used t-shirt. However there is a big difference. Here the profit goes towards something good – our work for a more sustainable consumption, says Alexandra Davidsson General Secretary of Responsible Consumption.

– If you buy a black t-shirt with a big logo, you do that to show that you can afford it. But with this shirt we have taken it to the next level. At the same time the most important thing for us is to create a discussion about the brand and consumption frenzy – not selling a lot of t-shirts, she says.

The profit from the sales of the t-shirts go to our work for creating more responsible consumers in the transition to a smarter world.


The Conscious Christmas Present of the Year


Since 2019 we have together with Klimatklubben announced the Conscious Christmas Present of the Year. This has been an alternative to HUI:s Christmas Present of the Year. (Links in Swedish).

Conscious Christmas Present of 2021 – The Pre-Loved Gift

Conscious Christmas Present of 2020 – The Reparation

Conscious Christmas Present of 2019- The Veggie Cook Book



We have quite recently educated around 30 youths from all over Europe in a leadership program in circular economy. This was done with support from the Nordic Council of Ministers.


How Can You Make a Difference?

We have an ambition to drive the transition to a smarter world in everything that we do. By becoming a member, a monthly donor or making a donation you contribute to all of our projects.

You can also get involved by becoming a volunteer or an intern.