Online Courses

Responsible Consumptions popular online courses give you as a participant a flexible and interactive way to increase your knowledge about our consumption’s effect on the environment, climate and those who live and work where our goods are made. But above all we offer inspiration and tips on how to consume more consciously!

The setup is interactive with material containing short videos and links where you can find more information. Every part of the course brings light to a specific theme and its environmental impacts, all the while inspiring to creating change in your everyday life. The course is given remotely and every course moment is published in a closed group on our digital learning platform that also works as a discussion forum.


The online course is included in your membership

You have free access to the course  as a part your membership in Medveten Konsumtion. A perfect way to invest in your sustainable knowledge building. Become a member today! (Page is in Swedish.)

Read more about our online course below:

Circulents- the new consumers


For Companies

Contact us for suggestions on tailored remote courses, for example as an internal course for your staff. You can for example get access to your own digital course room or take the course according to your own schedule without set deadlines. Or you can get access to the course material without a digital course room, or get tailored material in a distance course according to your wishes. We have for example educated staff from Coop.