Leadership Program in Circular Economy

Responsible Consumption created together with Regeneration 2030 a leadership program in circular economy with the support of the Nordic Council of Ministers. The leadership program is for youths between 16 and 30 in the Nordic countries and the area around the Baltic Sea. They learned about circular economy and how to become a circulent – the sustainable consumer of the future. Our general secretary Alexandra Davidsson was one of the speakers at the first digital meeting. We moderated the program and created the content, because we have expertise in circular economy and consumption. And we did the leadership program in circular economy entirely remotely and in english.

“We are proud to be a part of this unique cooperation with the support of the Nordic Council of Ministers. Having coined the term “circulent” it will be fun to see this International Leadership Program contribute to more circulents. This time in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The fact that they will deliver a declaration to the European Commission by the end of the programme feels inspirational,” says Alexandra Davidsson, the Secretary General for the association for Responsible Consumption.

Results of the program

A work group of circulents was created during the leadership program. This group participated at Regeneration 2030:s yearly summit. There they participated in declaration work. They also developed an own concept with solutions, which they demanded that decision makers listen to. You can read “Circulents Call for Action” here. They have held own lectures during many different occasions on the subject, for example at Föreningen Norden (in Swedish).