Fossil Free

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Usage of Fossil Fuels per Sector

Christian Holmström,, 2021. (Data from 2019).

Ekonomifakta relays for how different sectors in Sweden use fossil fuels. The sector that is most dependent on fossil fuels is, to no surprise, transports. Fossil fuels account for 77% of the transport sector’s total energy consumption. This is quite a significant improvement, as the share went from 94% to 77% between 2006 and 2019. This decrease is said to be due to the increased usage of biodiesel. 

Other sectors:
  • Agriculture, forestry and fishing: 44%
  • Construction: 43%
  • Industry: 18%
  • Service: 8%
  • District heating production: 6%
  • Housing: 3%
  • Electricity production: 1%

Usage of fossil fuels per sector (in Swedish).