We are experts in sustainable and circular consumption

Did you know that we have existed since 2008 and that we have, since then, specialized in sustainable and circular consumption? We define ourselves by being at the forefront, that is why we are experts in circular consumption as well. We offer education in both Swedish and English, in different concepts. The ground rule is: inspiration – not a bad conscience!

Lecture, workshop, consulting or a remote course?

How do you become a circulent? Sustainable fashion, how are you supposed to do it? Sustainable food, where can you get that?

We offer eyeopening lectures and courses to choose from, remote courses and workshops, that we tailor according to your wishes. We are experts in sustainable and circular consumption, for example from a circulent perspective. All of our offers contain concrete tips and facts, and are based on the most recent research. That is why you should book our lecture about sustainable consumption today.

For 1500 SEK / hour you can book us as consults with anything you might want our help with, for instance research, communication or as a sounding board. 

We are of course used to doing both digital and physical bookings.

We strive for reflection, rather than perfection

Our lecturers are knowledgeable, charismatic and experienced in several areas related to sustainable consumption. Working without pointing fingers and instead having inspiration as our focus is key. The science points towards this being the easiest way to retain information. And that is more important now than ever. 

Read more about our different setups here.

Maybe a company membership is what you are looking for?

Make sure to check out if a company membership is what you are looking for. It has three different levels, that are based on our most popular services. You can for instance include our remote courses into your own e-learning systems if you don’t want to use our course room. You can also get access to webinars with the option of interaction, get expert consultation from us 8 hours a year and be a part of our campaigns. Courses are also included in our memberships, and together we can show that your company is actually making a difference.