Conscious Christmas Present of the Year

Since 2019 we have together with Klimatklubben announced the Conscious Christmas Present of the Year. This has been an alternative to HUI:s (Institution of Retail Economics) Christmas Present of the Year. HUI bases their prognosis on trends in consumption. Our idea was to offer an alternative to the resource demanding and environmentally problematic consumption of new goods, that accounts for most of the christmas presents.

The present should be something that makes it for the receiver to right – a gift in the right direction.


Examples of qualities the present can have are:

Something that is circular, to inspire using our resources wisely

Some type of service, for example for spreading knowledge, taking care of what we already own or finding better ways to consume.

Something local, to take care of the Swedish and the small-scale. Locally produced or something relating to a staycation, for example.



Conscious Christmas Present of 2021 – The Pre-Loved Gift

The climate has been important during the last year and readjustment has defined our way of life. During 2021 we clearly noticed the changes to the climate and the question of resources became important. That is why the Pre-Loved gift was chosen – because it doesn’t use up new resources. Read more here (in Swedish).

Conscious Christmas Present of 2020 – The Reparation

After a year that was defined by the Covid-19 pandemic we have reason to remind ourselves of an even greater crisis. Climate change. That is why the conscious christmas present of 2020 is the Reparation. Repairing things means you can use them for longer, in stead of buying new things. It also makes it easier for us to become circulents! Read more here (in Swedish).

Conscious Christmas Present of 2019- The Veggie Cook Book

We chose The Veggie Cook Book as it gives inspiration and knowledge on how to cook tasty and environmentally friendly food. That is vegetarian and/or vegan food. Cooking environmentally friendly food has never been easier! Read more here (in Swedish).