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Show that you take sustainability seriously. As a company member you contribute to creating a smarter world, and will also receive unique offers. Responsible Consumption is an association who’s central aim is to create conscious consumers in the transition to a smarter world. We want to see Sweden at the forefront of responsible consumption. The association strives to give people the knowledge that is needed for sustainable growth. Responsible Consumption always has a positive approach. We have focus on inspiration, knowledge and actually practicable changes. That is how we create the possibility for sustainable and circular habits. A membership with us gives your company, organization or municipality the opportunity to contribute to the transition to a smarter world, one defined by sustainability and circularity. Your company makes a difference!


Base membership 10 000 SEK/Year
  • Knowledge – through inspiring newsletters and webinars about sustainable consumption in various topical subjects, to make it easier to make conscious choices.
  • Network – access to a strong network of like minded companies. You will meet during Responsible Consumptions yearly events. You will also have the opportunity to collaborate with other base-members.
  • Visibility – through spreading our company or organization on our social media channels, your logo in our newsletter to our subscribers and you will be able to show your involvement in your own channels. We understand that you are also proud of a collaboration that helps our world.


Premium membership 20 000 SEK/Year

Besides including the parts from a base membership, the premium membership includes these benefits.

  • Knowledge – through access to our yearly market research, discounts on webinars, lectures and courses, and the opportunity to be interactive during the webinars that are included in the membership.
  • Network – you get the opportunity to collaborate with both premium and base members.
  • Visibility – you get further visibility in comparison to base members. You will for example have space for a description of your operation as well as your logo in our newsletter to our subscribers.


Partner 50 000 SEK/Year

Our partnership is designed for the companies, organizations or municipalities that have the opportunity to contribute a little extra. At the same time you will receive all of Responsible Consumption’s membership advantages in exchange.


  • Knowledge – through a tailored remote course. You will also personally receive a presentation that you can dedicate to your colleagues and/or customers.
  • Expert consultation – you will receive unique access to our sustainability experts. You choose if you want help communication, expert statements about a product or service idea, policies, research, information or a sounding board.
  • Visibility – Responsible Consumption offers quotes or participation during press releases, a big logo in our newsletter to our subscribers and a reportage per year.

Contact us to learn more about the offers that are included in the different memberships. Call at 073-430 54 34 or mail to and we will help you. Your company makes a difference!

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Alexandra Davidsson

General Secretary

073-430 54 34

your company makes a difference