You are welcome to collaborate with Responsible Collaboration! We always see possibilities for different collaborations for sustainable consumption. These can be with other projects, initiatives and people in the consumption och sustainability movement. This is in line with Sustainable Development Goal 17 – “Partnerships for the Goals”, which we hold close to our heart. We believe in uplifting each other. By bringing light to good initiatives we help both ourselves and the climate in the long run.

A collaboration we did during 2021 was to educate around 30 youths from all of Europe in a course in leadership and circular economy. We did this together with ReGeneration 2030 and with the support of the Nordic Council of Ministers. Collaborating with Responsible Consumption is an important part in creating more responsible consumers in the transition to a smarter world. Research is important in that transition. That is why we are a part of different advisory boards, for example in Borås Science Park “sustainable lifestyles”.

Offering company memberships to companies, organizations and municipalities is another example of collaborations for sustainable consumption. A membership with us will give your company, organization or municipality the opportunity to contribute to the transition to a smarter world that is defined by sustainability and circularity.

With the support of our financiers and our members we can continue the work towards a transition to a smarter world, a world of circulents.