Circular Services

Research has shown that many people want to consume more sustainably, but don’t know how. But we do! The association exists to create more responsible consumers in the transition to a smarter world, a world of circulents. We summarize research and spread that knowledge, and give for example simple advice and tips on how to become a more sustainable consumer. We also offer many circular services for sustainable consumption.

You can book us for a lecture, take part of our facts and advice, or use our free service The Eco Guide for finding eco-friendly spots in your town. New initiatives we have are the company membership and the circular list where you can find companies that offer circular products and services.

The Consumption Report 2020

During 2020 more people showed interest in environmental issues compared to 2019. 2019 was also the year that a new trend of consuming second hand products emerged, which had been decreasing a few years. However the pandemic seems to have slowed this development. This is believed to be caused by a fear to be in physical stores with other people.

The report is concluded with a reflection about the risk that the consumption will increase after the pandemic. That many will want to travel, dress up and go out to eat. However they note that these sectors have had a longer decrease that is caused by other factors than covid-19.

In other words, we believe it is extra important to help consumers become circulents.