Advisory boards- EN

Responsible Consumption has during the years been a part of many advisory boards and shared our expertise about sustainable consumption. Here are a few examples of these types of cooperations.

National workshop for sustainable lifestyles

Science Park Borås work is based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We work in the intersection between the industry, research, public stakeholders and civil society. As one of six Science Parks in the Western Swedish innovation system, we encourage innovation for societal change. Within the project Circular Hub, the vision is to position Western Sweden as a leading partner and role model within the circular economy for textiles, fashion, interior design and furniture, specifically emphasizing small to medium- large companies. The vision is attained through portraying trends and “drivers” that support changes toward more sustainable consumption. Within the parameters of societal development, changed lifestyles and consumption patterns are central.

Within the frame of this project a report was produced and in this process, our Secretary General Alexandra Davidsson was one of 18 members in the project’s Advisory Board. You can read the report Trendupdate– sustainable consumption and lifestyles (in Swedish).


Smartup Accelerator

Project dates 2017-10-01 — 2020-12-31

The project SmartUp Accelerator is a cooperation between seven countries around the Baltic Sea. It aims to improve the innovation actors’ skills related to identifying new keen ideas and developing new companies within consumer cleantech. This will contribute to decreasing our environmental impact through better use of already existing resources and in this way, decrease consumption. Our Secretary General Alexandra Davidsson is one of six members in this project’s advisory board.

Consumer cleantech can be described as consumer products and services which have been developed to better make use of the planet’s resources and in this way decrease the environmental impacts. Examples of such services are Airbnb, Uber and Tesla.